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Shandong han yu environmental protection equipment co., LTD.  is a professional pellet machine manufacturers, the company is located in beautiful scenery of the jinan chapter grave, marina to jinan international airport and Qingdao port. Company in line with the principle of high starting point, high positioning and high standard, introduced the most advanced production equipment, hired particles machine industry experts to join in, the first-class production technology, so as to ensure the high quality of products.

Company mainly manufacture and sale of biomass granule machine, the fertilizer particle machine, the feed pellet machine and its accessories production and processing of a complete set of produ...
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 Contact: Mr.Wang    

Mobile: 86-138 6912 5090   


Fax: 86-531-83662977

 E-Mail: musawang@sdhanyu.com; annabelle@sdhanyu.com
Address: The North Industric Park, Xiuhui Town, Jinan City, Shandong,  China

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